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Cat of the Month


Hi, I’m Rascal, a name that is pretty fitting once you get to know me! I’m the newest Pet of the Month! I'm always looking for an adventure, whether for fun or stimulation. I often act like a kitten, bouncing around seeking my favorite toys—but believe it or not, I’m an established 8-years-old. I’ve been at the adoption center for just over two months, and though in the beginning I was scared, being surrounded by new people and new sounds, I’m acclimated well in time. My best new home would be one that is patient and understands that timing is everything, allowing me space to relax and adapt. Don’t worry, once I’m settled in, I happily wait at the door to greet you, will thrive on your attention, and crawl into your lap as soon as you sit down somewhere. I purr loudly and lay close to you to make sure you know I’m happy and appreciative of your time. Do I sound like a cool cat to you? If so, fill out that adoption form and meet me today!

Found Kittens?

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They’re cute, cuddly and desperately in need of your help. Or are they?

If you happen to find a litter of small kittens outdoors, it’s natural to want to scoop them up and take them to a shelter. However, it is important to know that this is almost never in a kitten’s best interest.

Read more, find out how to help and check out a cool infographic from Best Friends Animal Society! 

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Homeward Bound Cats is a modern, free-roaming adoption center that minimizes the stress experienced by homeless cats and makes it easier for them to find loving families.

When owners are no longer able to care for their pets, we offer an alternative to taking them to a shelter or leaving them on the street.

Adoption fees don’t begin to pay our costs for daily care and numerous veterinary services.

We are a no-kill, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. All cats deserve a second chance, yet many have medical needs or face other challenges. Some are introverted and need time to show their true colors. Others are social and playful but prefer to be an only pet. Some just want a place to call their own, even if it means hiding under the bed. The reality is that cats are individuals and some may take longer than others to find the right family, but we never abandon them. Instead, we provide love and quality care for as long as it takes, even if that means the rest of their life.

Ways You Can Help:

  • Consider an ongoing, monthly monetary donation or leaving Homeward Bound Cats in your trust or will
  • Volunteer time or services to help with things like marketing, fundraising events, or technology
  • Become a foster family, providing temporary homes for cats and kittens
  • Donate in-kind goods, such as blankets, toys or food for the cats, or office supplies for the organization


Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions is a proud recipient of funding from the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation.


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