Cat of the Month

homewardboundcats Feature

They call me Southpaw, because I’m a fighter! I was found as a stray and ended up testing FIV+ but that’s nothing to be scared by. It means, like all kitties, I need a good diet, relaxed home, and proactive care to keep me at my best. I’m a healthy and independent guy and love Netflix-and-chill. I’m a fan of catnip and if you can’t find time to play with me – no problem! I’ll keep myself entertained, running all over the place. I’ll be honest, I’m not too keen on being picked up and carriers aren’t my favorite. But I make up for it by being an attentive companion, accepting head scratches and standing guard in your windows. I’m most comfortable being perched up high, watching events unfold below me, so if you give me a cat tree in the window, you’ll always know where to find me. We recently discovered I’m a big fan of being brushed, which is perfect for my stunning, luxurious coat. I do well with other cats (I hide from them at first) but my FIV+ diagnosis recommends I be around super friendly cats that won’t fight with me or stress me out. Are you looking for a handsome and gentle best friend for your home? Call and ask to see the stunning tuxedo gentleman by the name of Southpaw!